Australian New Zealand Procurement Agreement

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New Zealand is participating in a series of recent agreements that contain provisions on public procurement. The chapter reserves the right to take action for legitimate public policy purposes, such as public health, safety and environmental protection. The right to take appropriate measures with respect to public procurement, which is essential to national security or for national defence purposes, is also protected by the CPTPP. The governments of New Zealand and Australia today reaffirmed their commitment to a single competitive public procurement market by signing the Australian and New Zealand Public Procurement Agreement (ANZGPA), Economy Minister Steven Joyce said. Organizations must publish a purchase plan consistent with the purchase plan – a guide to purchasing goods and services to promote competition and allow potential bidders to plan and allocate resources to participate in tendering procedures. If necessary, the procurement action plan must establish that contracting is the subject of international agreements. The CPTPP establishes rules that ensure open, fair and transparent conditions of competition in the area of public procurement, which are in line with the government`s public procurement rules in New Zealand. There will be no need to change New Zealand`s legal framework for public procurement. These are links to a number of other information about purchases and websites related to the activity. Market proposals (also known as unsolicited proposals) are eligible if implemented in accordance with the Victorian Purchasing Council`s procurement framework. (g) obtaining necessary support measures to protect human, animal or plant life or human, animal or plant health, including the protection of native or at-risk animals or plants. Any country may impose import sub-quarantine requirements, but these requirements should not be used as a means of arbitrary or unjustified discrimination or as a disguised restriction on trade; and access a Microsoft Word version of public procurement under international agreements – a guide to purchasing goods and services in the document library and services.


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