Custody Agreements During Stay At Home

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Justice Sunshine continued: “They are behaving in a period of pandemic crisis that we have never seen, in education we have never seen before, their relationship with divorced parents in the future, the relationship they have with their children and, above all, the relationship their children have with them,… [if] Parents do not behave appropriately and reasonably. , their children will remember for the rest of their lives how they acted, and that is how the judge will decide the case. I listen carefully and I remember the children who spoke to me during the hundreds of camera interviews I have done over the past 21 years. I hope that in the years to come, the children will tell me how their parents have behaved positively to ensure that they are safe, that they have allowed access through technology when illness or the risks of travel prevent access, and that both parents have put aside their differences and have done so for me. As you all know, the governor of Illinois has ordered that starting today at 3 p.m.m. All Illinois residents will be advised to stay home. Grocery stores will always be open, as will pharmacies. If you are not a first responder or other emergency personnel, you are probably one of the people responsible for staying in your home as part of law enforcement or public health.

So if you follow the order of residence and stay in your home, can you exchange your child with the other parent as described in your education order (Allocation or Custody Judgment)? Even with the interpretive guidelines of justice, some orders and custody grants must be adapted as a result of COVID-19`s response. No custody case is the same, and there are some situations that can and should work normally, as the risk of exposure to the virus remains low for this family. In these situations, the parties would take all the recommended precautions during their non-responsible period: practice social elimination, limit their exposure to other groups of people, practice good personal hygiene and sterilize packaging and transport containers. In other words, to practice the same precautions they would apply when their children are in their care. Yes, the terms of your custody or agreement are always fully in force and effective. However, they should also recognize that housing and individual gaps are necessary to ensure the safety of all; In the meantime, the parties must do all they can to communicate, so that neither side is in the dark about their concerns or expectations during this period.


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