Seller Holdback Agreement

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If you haven`t bought and sold houses or work as a contractor or real estate agent, you may not know of a fiduciary holdback. A fiduciary holdback agreement keeps a portion of the seller`s proceeds in trust until the house is completed. The money withheld provides some security to the lender and buyer to ensure that if, for any reason, the work is not completed as promised, the lender and buyer will be compensated. Without such a guarantee, it is very difficult to convince a lender to close a house. They want to have what they paid for. Sometimes buyers discover that bigger home improvements or repairs are needed, which they hope to buy. In some cases, the seller agrees to make repairs to get the house sold. However, a seller may not be able to afford to make repairs before the conclusion and a buyer may not be interested in paying for work on a home he has not yet purchased. A fiduciary holdback agreement can be useful to finance a real estate purchase or a home loan.

Our Boston real estate lawyers can assist in all aspects of buying or selling a home, including the development of warranty agreements. If the seller has requested extra time to move, the buyer may be willing to give them extra time, but only if they withhold some money in the trust holdback, either to account for the rent of the property while the seller is still living in the house after closing, or for the damage inflicted on the house. The damage caused by the seller may or may not be intentional, but the fact remains once the closure has occurred, the ownership of a home is now among the buyers. Buyers want to have a home in as good a condition as they saw in the last specimens just before closing. If there was damage caused by the seller`s extract or for some other reason, the money held in trust could be used to cover some of the repairs. Without any kind of treuhand-holdback after the occupation closure is usually not recommended, because if a seller refuses to move the only choice for home buyers will be to apply for eviction, which can be a fairly long process. So to make sure that the holdback in trust has some teeth if it authorizes the occupation. the amount held in trust should be important to encourage sellers to move if necessary in order to gain access to the remaining funds from the sale of their home. However, there may be work to be done.

You`d only like to trust your contractor when he says it`s done, but your lawyer whispers in your ear saying “no way”! It is again a popular place where trust funds can be withheld from the sale. Some common examples of fiduciary Holdbacks in the new building are: Yes, you can and the solution is affectionately known in real estate circles as the Fiduciary Holdback.


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