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Following the expiry of the Cotonou Agreement, which led trade and economic relations between the EU and the ACP countries, Fiji has sought, under the PACP, to conclude a WTO-compatible regional EPA with the EU. The EU is a traditional market for Fijian sugar, while products such as fish, clothing, mineral water and certain agricultural raw materials are also establishing their presence in this lucrative market, which has around 507 million people in 28 EU Member States. Both sides, who wish to take all appropriate measures to develop trade between the two countries, agree to consider in their entirety all proposals to promote trade. I am honoured to refer to the recent discussions on trade promotion between the People`s Republic of China and India, when it was agreed that trade relations between our two countries would continue to be governed by the terms of the trade agreement reached on 14 October 1954, which will end for a further period until 31 December. , 1958, subject to the replacement of Article VII of the old convention with the following article – 2. In the meantime, trade between the two countries will continue on the basis of an agreement between the importers and exporters concerned. Multilateral trading centres around the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Fiji, established in 1995, joined the WTO in 1996. The WTO promotes the principle of non-discrimination, trade liberalization and the elimination or elimination of non-trade barriers to trade through its systems and procedures. Fiji, as an active member, continues to respect and promote these principles.

Fiji is participating in the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) negotiations as a member of the Small Economies at Risk (SVE) group. Fiji is also a member of the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans (ACP), the G-90 and the G-77. With regard to trade in services, both countries have granted the WTO more market entry. In the field of IT and I-related services. T, Islamic Banking, Islamic Insurance (Takaful) Pakistan secured 100% equity in Malaysia. Access to the services market in both countries will have a positive impact on investment and trade in goods. The rules of mutual recognition are also alongside the free trade agreement. These rules will provide a framework for accreditation of educational institutions and university programs and facilitate the effective and effective provision of services.

In recent discussions on further development of trade between the People`s Republic of China and India, it was agreed that the Government of the People`s Republic of China would encourage Chinese state-owned trading companies to establish and strengthen contacts with the State Trading Corporation of India to the extent that it was implemented with the State Trading Corporation of India with respect to the Products. processed by the State Trading Corporation of India, is achievable. I appreciate your thanks for explaining the agreement we have reached in the above. This agreement is a timely initiative of the Pakistani government to secure the market for its export products in Malaysia and to deepen economic and trade relations with an important member of the region. The Government of the Republic of India and the Central Government of the People`s Republic of China, driven by the common desire to develop trade between the two countries and forge the existing friendship between the governments and peoples of India and China, on the basis of equality and mutual benefits, are the following.


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