Viatical Agreements

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At that time, the AIDS mortality rate was very high, and life expectancy after diagnosis was generally short. [3] Investors were reasonably certain that they would be collected in a relatively short period of time. This combination of events led to an increase in viatic comparisons, as investors and Viators saw an opportunity for mutual utility. In August 2008, Stephen L. Keller, former CEO of Kelco Inc., filed an application with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky to dismiss Keller`s convictions for conspiracy, fraud and money laundering. Keller`s convictions stemmed from Kelco`s purchase and sale of life insurance, which in some cases had been falsified by third-party insurance agents for policyholders with HIV/AIDS claims, and then in a viatic settlement. [5] Keller`s application was denied on November 12, 2010. His appeal against this refusal was also dismissed on 28 February 2011. [10] Viatical Settlement: The sale of life insurance by the owner to a viatic billing provider for immediate payment of a percentage of the face value of the policy. People who do not face a health crisis may also choose to sell their life insurance to get cash, which is commonly referred to as the life count.

A life count is different from a viatic billing by the lengthening of the life expectancy of the insured. In a viatic count, the life expectancy of the insured is usually two years or less. Viatic billing is an agreement whereby a person who is fatally ill or chronically sells his life insurance at a discount of his face value for the money loan. In exchange for cash, the life insurance seller waives the right to transfer the policy`s death allowance to a beneficiary of his or her choice. Recipient: the person who must receive the face value of life insurance. In an internet settlement, one or more investors can obtain this designation on an “irrevocable” basis, which means that no one can change it without authorization. Despite the poor experiences of some investors, viatic comparisons remain an often valuable tool for the personal financial management of many sick people. A 2002 study showed that among palliative care counsellors who have experienced viatic implantations, most positive experiences are made.

[8] There are several points to consider before opting for either a viatic colony or a life count: there are some basic rules for investments that you must respect before investing in viatic billing: a 1911 U.S. Supreme Court decision provides the legal basis for viatic comparisons. [3] In Grigsby v. Russell, 222 U.S. 149 (1911), Dr. A. H. Grigsby treated a patient named John C. Burchard. [3] Mr.

Burchard, who needs special surgery, proposed to Ansatrat to sell his life insurance to Dr. Grigsby for $100 and pay the remaining premiums. [3] Dr.


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