Yacht Club Reciprocity Agreements

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Some clubs charge for the first night of mooring, others don`t, and it`s rarely important to know if you`re coming by boat or car. Some water clubs limit their mutual privileges to those who come by boat. It is always advisable to call ahead to let them know you are coming, as well as to determine which services are available. The American Yacht Club monitors Channel FM 72, or the phone number is as follows: Typically, a sailor can stop during his trip in a yacht club and if the club visited is a member of YCA, access is granted to them. We remind you that if you wish to visit one of our partner or alternative clubs, we may advise our foreign clubs in advance so that the club concerned can be contacted and that an official letter of introduction is sent to them. Please send an email to foreignclubs@ycm.org with the name of the club you want to visit and the data you are on in your environment. We thank you as members of an exclusive and private clubhouse for your understanding and wish you all a happy holiday. – Exchange of sailing schools between the two clubs, including competitions and coaches. – Free access for partner club members to premises, restaurants and lounges and services offered upon presentation of their Marina Del Rey Yacht Club membership card, California. One of the nearly 800 member clubs of the Yachting Club of America! – Any active member of a club who resides in the country of a partner club is required to join that club after six months of residency and to respect the statutes of the club concerned. As an associate member of the Yacht Club de France, the Yacht Club of Monaco is associated with 14 prestigious clubs and maintains reciprocal contracts with 66 others worldwide.

The PCYC is a cashless club. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and debit cards. Port Credit Yacht Club will extend the mutual privileges as listed in mutual policy, as they are shared with clubs across the lake. One of the many advantages of joining a yacht club is the opportunity to share and enjoy reciprocal privileges in the boat clubs around the lake and even around the world. This means that you can visit and enjoy other yacht club yachts with which PCYC has entered into a reciprocity agreement based on your upstanding membership in the Port Credit Yacht Club. In addition to the partnership contracts, the Yacht Club of Monaco has also established special relationships with some forty sailing clubs around the world. These reciprocal agreements allow members of the YCM association to visit these clubs and freely access the clubhouse when they present their membership card and a letter of recommendation from their club. Typically, a sailor can stop at a boat club during his trip, and if the visiting club has a reciprocity contract with his club, he can stay. If this is not the case, the sailor may request reciprocity.

Normally, that`s all it takes for the sailor to stay. The host club will send the sailors` club a formal request for reciprocity with this club. Sometimes the visiting sailor will have additional castles and replace them on site. Although the scope of privileges may vary slightly, a YCA sailboat can generally expect to be able to use all available facilities and services from welcoming clubs, including short-term berths, meal and bar service, heads and showers, etc. While some clubs are happy to send landings, meals or service bills to the visitor club, the AYC does not provide such a fee. Therefore, the visitor must pay all personal expenses and invoices with the American Yacht Club on site. Yacht Club Rezipaton is defined as “A network of yacht clubs in accordance with the reciprocal exchange of privileges within this particular group of clubs.” The Yachting Club of America has reciprocal privilege agreements with nearly 800 yacht clubs in the United States.


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