A Contract Has An Open Price Term If The Agreement

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1. This Section shall apply where the price period remains open for the fixing of an agreement but is considered by the Parties to be a binding agreement. In such cases, this Article [Chapter] rejects the phrase that `an agreement shall not be applicable` if the case falls within subsection (1) of this Section, and refuses to reject such agreements also on the basis of “indeterminacy”. Instead, this Article [Chapter] recognizes the dominant intention of the parties that the agreement remains binding on both parties. Since this article [chapter] recognises remedies such as cover (section 2-712), resale (section 2-706) and specific performance (section 2-716) that go beyond any simple arithmetic between the contract price and the market price, there is generally a “reasonably secure basis for the granting of appropriate compensation in the event of an infringement”, so that the contract must not fail indefinitely. 5. Under paragraph 3, the unlawful interference of one Party in a pricing mechanism agreed by the other Party may be treated by the other Party as a refusal to terminate or simply as a failure to take cooperative measures, thereby leaving the victim reasonable room for manoeuvre to set the price. Section 2-202 of the UZK provides for much the same thing as customary law: if the parties have a letter that must be their final agreement, they must not be refuted “by evidence of a prior agreement or a simultaneous oral agreement”. However, it can be explained by “changes in trade, commercial use or changes in performance” and “evidence of consistent additional terms”.

3. Where a price to be fixed otherwise than by agreement of the parties is not fixed by fault of one party, the other party may, after its election, consider the contract to be terminated or fix a reasonable price itself. The right of sale deals with the sale of goods. Sales law is a particular type of contract law, but customary law provides much of Section 2 of the CSA, with some differences. Some of the similarities and differences have been discussed in previous chapters dealing with common law contracts, but a revision here is appropriate, and we can briefly refer to the CISG`s handling of similar issues. . . .


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