Bringing Up Prenuptial Agreement

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The first thing I do with couples who are fighting over a marriage contract is to try to turn them away from the opinion that one of them is romantic and the other calculates. I want them to feel like they are just two people with different emotional needs, valid in the same way. In a typical agreement, Abramowitz says, couples will decide how they will share expenses, and some topics of discussion should include whether the couple will have joint or separate bank accounts and whether a spouse will stay home if there are children in their future. Q: One of my clients, burned by an ugly divorce, is remarrying and wants a marriage contract. His fiancée is upset by his request. How can I help them find out? In case of disagreement, consider the compromise as an opportunity for improvement. “Be creative in coming up with solutions that might be better for both of you,” says Jacobson. Remember that you`re not trying to win a battle – you`re trying to build a partnership. While marriage contracts aren`t as funny as wedding deaths or the honeymoon, they can help you avoid financial problems later in life. Some couples may feel that a prenup has a divorce divorce trend, but it can actually be a great opportunity to come to the same side to plan for your shared future. To offer you everything, we consulted Sandra L.

Schpoont, family and marriage lawyer and partner at Schpoont & Cavallo LLP, and Robert Wallack, famous divorce lawyer and founder of The Wallack Firm, specializing in matrimonial and family matters. You might insist that you expect your marriage to end with one of your deaths at the end of a long, happy life. However, if not, you want to be able to follow your separate paths with as much love and grudge as possible. A marriage contract allows you to resolve complex financial issues long before they happen, which can lead to a faster and less painful divorce. If your partner is asking for a pre-marital agreement, do some research to find out what protective measures you would have under the law and make sure they are included as an absolute minimum. “After all, he`s a person you want to love and marry,” Cohen said. .


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