Single Use License Agreement

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[2] A frequent criticism of end-user licensing agreements is that they are often far too long for users to have time to read them in depth. As of March 2012, the end-user PayPal license agreement was 36,275 words[15] and by May 2011, the iTunes agreement was 56 pages long. [16] The message sources that reported these results stated that the vast majority of users do not read documents because of their length. The license granted in this Agreement applies only to the personal use of a healthcare provider or consumer. License agreements for all other professionals and organizations must be concluded through UPTODATE. Please contact UPTODATE at (866) 397-3433 or contact support. Most retail software licenses disclaimer (to the extent permitted by local laws) of any warranty as to the performance of the software and limit liability for damage to the purchase price of the software. A known case that has maintained such a disclaimer is Mortenson v. Timberline. If the software description contains the use of failover, each server license contains a Failover.j license. Individual User License: Customer may authorize an authorized end user to install and use the Software on a single computer. Do you want to get a software license? Click here to create an End User License Agreement or Software License Agreement. For the use of [Description of what is allowed].

11. Beta-release versions. .


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