Spiritual Law Of Agreement

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The exhibition of spiritual fruits would testify to a daily ministration through sacrifices and fervent charity. Understanding this spiritual law is essential to understanding so many of God`s other laws. Heavenly Father wants us to sow seeds that eventually lead to happiness, not pain and suffering. And that`s what we do when we realize that. The good news is that we don`t need to dig a spiritual hole if we turn to God to seek forgiveness and change. Christ`s sacrifice wipes our clean slate every time we turn back. Instead of trying to conceal or hide evidence of their bondage, people should strive to enter into spiritual contracts with God by agreeing with the way, the truth, and the life. [2] In both situations, man`s previous spiritual state is irrelevant. For the former evil man, “none of the transgressions he committed against him will be remembered; because of the righteousness he has done, he will live” (verse 22). The lesson you learned from the Tower of Babel is that the words you speak are powerful, but they are even more powerful when you and someone else speak in perfect harmony. You can see that the words you say have the ability to bring unity or disharmony, blessing or curse, life or death. You can afford to stay in one place or move somewhere else. But in agreement with others, words can accomplish anything you can imagine.

These words from the Book and the Bible do not tell you to make bricks without clay or tools, but that you can still use the tools you have to fulfill your commitment to Pharaoh and Caesar of the world, as you begin to agree with Christ.


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