The General Agreement On Tariffs And Trade And The World Trade Organization

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The third element of the GATT structure, which was later integrated into the WTO, is an institutional presence maintained by the activity of its secretariat. It is important that the secretariat monitor to a large extent the implementation of dispute settlement bodies that effectively define the enforcement mechanism of the rules of the trading system within the WTO system. These dispute settlement bodies have greatly accelerated their intervention in recent years and have culminated in decisions taken in a number of key areas, including recently in the banana trade (see the WTO Director-General`s statement to the WTO General Council, 8 March 1999). necessary to ensure compliance with laws and regulations that are not contrary to the provisions of this Agreement, including those relating to … the protection of patents, trademarks and copyrights, as well as the prevention of deceptive practices; The SPS Agreement has changed the way trade decisions on agricultural products are made. .


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