What Is A Private Use Agreement

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The security and debt service payment for an issue is determined both from the terms of the bond documents and on the basis of an underlying agreement. An underlying agreement may result from separate agreements between the parties or may be determined on the basis of all the facts and circumstances related to the issuance of the Notes. For example, if the debt service payment for an issue is secured both by a promise of full faith and solvency from a state or local government entity and by an interest in property to be used or used for private commercial use, the issue meets the private security or payment criterion. As a general rule, a bond issue secured with the proceeds of the bond-financed facility meets the private security or payment test if the facility meets the criterion of use by private undertakings. The university often issues tax-exempt bonds to finance the construction and renovation of various facilities. The Internal Revenue Code sets strict limits on the amount of “private use” that can take place in facilities financed by tax-exempt debt. If the scope of private use exceeds the applicable limits, the possible penalties are severe. A management contract relating to a financed property (if it cannot be properly qualified as a lease) may lead to private commercial use of that property on the basis of all facts and circumstances. A management contract for financed immovable property generally gives rise to private commercial use of that property if the contract provides for compensation for services provided that are based in whole or in part on a share of the net profit from the operation of the facility. A management contract for a funded asset results in the private commercial use of that property if the service provider is treated as a tenant or owner of a funded property for federal income tax purposes. Assets that are or are to be used for private commercial purposes and payments relating to such assets are treated as private collateral if an interest in such property or payments secure debt service payment for the bonds.

To this end, the term “interest in an interest” must be interpreted broadly and includes, for example, all rights, claims, titles or legal shares of property or payments. The asset that constitutes the guarantee or source of payment of debt service for an issue does not need to be an asset financed by the proceeds of the bonds. For example, unen improved land or investment securities used directly or indirectly for private commercial use that guarantees an issue provide private security. However, private security rights (with the exception of financed assets and private payments) for an issue are only taken into account to the extent that they are provided directly or indirectly by a user of the proceeds of the issue. Thus, a mortgage or other security right in private property that secures the issuance of bonds is a private guarantee if it is financed by the proceeds of the bond or provided by a user of the proceeds of the bond. The 10% private commercial use criterion in Article 141(b)(1) of the IRC is met when more than 10% of the proceeds of an issue are used in the trade or business of a non-governmental person. For this purpose, the use of the funded assets is treated as a direct use of the proceeds. There are several revenue procedures that offer safe havens from the private use of management contracts. If a contract for the management of a bond-financed facility remains within the limits of these safe havens, the general facts and circumstances of the Treas are analysed. . .



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