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Call for Scripts

Moonrise Productions in association with 4SightMedia is excited to announce we are looking for our next project! Do you have a finished script and a unique voice?

Who we are

We are an emerging production company that has a passion for telling diverse stories. We love watching movies and TV shows that tell stories from a unique perspective and want to create more content for the stories we want to see.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for completed, short-form drama TV pilots for a web series that will be 10-15 minutes per episode, for a season that will be 6 – 10 episodes long. We are specifically interested in character-driven stories with a unique perspective from underrepresented groups. We are also particularly interested in stories from female-identifying Canadian writers, but this is not necessary to submit. Netflix’s “Feel Good” or CBC’s “We Are Lady Parts” are good examples of the type of show we are looking for. We will be compensating writers for their work.
Our budget is yet to be determined. Only non-WG members should submit at this time.

Production timeline

We will be shooting in the late summer/early fall of 2022, with pre-production starting in late spring.


We will be compensating the writer(s) for their work.

How to submit

Download and sign our Submission Release Form (PDF).

Send a PDF of a one-page synopsis of your project and your signed Submission Release Form to

We suggest registering your work with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Projects in Development

2022 – Under The Ink – short-form documentary series

Through people’s deeply personal stories, Under the Ink explores the reason for the tattoo they have and why they decided to permanently mark their skin. This short-form documentary series is sometimes intimate,  sometimes funny and some stories are profound. We’ll interview the tattooed, their family, and some Tattoo artists who have designed the art and put ink to skin.

 Have a story you want to share? Contact us

2022 – Hero (working title) “Even heroes are human.” web series. More to come on this project later!

2022-2026 – We are looking to have a slate of productions that will be produced for streaming, broadcast, and webseries.

Our partners

Hotcakes New Media - A refreshingly unique creative company.

Hotcakes New Media is a full service creative company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We produce a wide range of rich media in-house for our clients. Whether you need animation, video production, post-production, illustration, graphic design, branding, or web design, Hotcakes New Media is here to help.

4 Sight Media

4 Sight Media is an independent film and digital media production company based in Ottawa, Canada. We provide production services to independent filmmakers to support narrative and documentary projects that resonate with all audiences.