Ottawa Script-to-Screen Incubator

Are you a writer who would love to see your script made?

Moonrise Productions is proud to present the inaugural Ottawa Script-to-Screen Incubator. This exciting initiative offers local new and emerging writers the opportunity to submit their short film scripts for the development and production of their projects. 

The Incubator’s objective is for writers to gain experience in developing the scripts and working with Producers and the Director. The Incubator also allows writers to have first-hand experience of the production process from the script to the screen stages.

Scripts will be reviewed by our panel of producers and directors. The writers of selected scripts will be notified by June 30, 2022.


  1. Scripts must be 5 pages or less (requiring up to 5 minutes) in an industry-standard format;
  2. Signed release to be included in each submission. ( );
  3. Minimal number of locations within the script;
  4. Suggested script theme: “Hope”;
  5. Genre is Drama, Comedy or Dramedy;
  6. The submission deadline is May 15, 2022.

What the writer receives if selected:

  1. In-depth feedback session with a producer;
  2. Development of script with Moonrise Productions;
  3. An IMDB credit once the project is completed;
  4. On-set during the shooting of the project.

The project will be a 1 or 2-day shoot on a weekend with a micro-budget ideally within the City of Ottawa.

Please send signed release forms and scripts to

Meet our Incubator Team

Blair Campbell – Producer

Blair is a graduate of the television broadcasting program at Algonquin College in Ottawa, the Founder of, and the co-founder of  Ocan Film Fest. Some of his credits include Executive Producer of the Valle d’Itria Film Festival’s Miglior Cortometraggio Internazionale – America Best Short Film winner “A Clean Slate” (short film) 2014 and Producer/Location Manager on “The Gift​” (short film) 2019.

Hingman Leung – Filmmaker

Hingman is a multiple award-winning independent filmmaker. Her recent short film, “Curbside Pickup”, reached the top three on CBC’s Short Film Face Off season 14. In 2020, she was named by CBC as one of ten Trailblazers in Ottawa for her work in representation in media. By day, she works on developing strategies to address systemic racism in the health research funding space. 

Jith Paul – Producer/Director/DP/Editor

Jith is a producer, director, cinematographer and editor of several award-winning short films, documentaries and music videos.  He is President, CEO & Janitor at Treepot Media, which he founded in 2010.  His directorial debut, “Algebra”, a short film about a painter grappling with the loss of his eyesight won awards and screened at festivals in North America, Europe and Asia including the Festival international Entr’2 marches in Cannes, France in 2015.  The films “Polar Bear Love”, “Moments” and “Perfect”, which he produced, were selected for competition in CBC Television’s nationally broadcast Short Film Face-off in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively. Jith is a graduate of the television broadcasting program at Algonquin College.

Patrick Mulligan – Filmmaker

Patrick is a multiple award-winning independent filmmaker with a passion for exploring identity and place through the lens of cinema. His recent short film “Fitful Mercies” won both Best Picture and Best Acting at the 2021 Digi60 Filmmaker’s Festival. When he’s not behind the camera, he works for IRCC as a policy analyst.

Lorelei E. Miller – Producer/Director

Lorelei loves the collaborative aspect of bringing a script to the screen. From a young age, she was emotionally impacted by movies. Naturally curious, she was obsessed with learning how movies were made. She attended Humber College’s Film and Television Production program. Since then, she has worked on several productions in Ottawa, including features, short films and music videos. Some of her credits include Producer/Director/Writer of “Louder Than Words” (short) 2013, Producer/Director “The Gift” (short) 2019. Lorelei is looking forward to working on the Incubator project.

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