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The beginning of a new project is an exciting time. We’re preparing to shoot our next short film called “Louder Than Words”. On Sunday, we tested out the GoPro camera with a waterproof Dive Housing with a flat lens. The regular housing that comes with the camera has a fish eye lens which is not the effect we’re looking for. So it was essential to get a flat lens housing. I was very lucky to have found the GoPro Dive housing at Bushtukah last week, last one left, so the timing was perfect. I’m happy to say the test went well and it’ll be fun to shoot underwater.

We also recorded our IndieGoGo campaign video. IndieGoGo is a crowd-source fundraising website that allows us to build a webpage to seek out financial support for our project. At the moment we are putting together our campaign page and hope to go “live” very shortly.

As we move forward, our next step we will be casting local professional actors (ACTRA members). This is the first time we are working with ACTRA Ottawa and so far the experience has been great. Chris at ACTRA was very helpful in answering my questions. If you know of any actors, pass on the word that we’re looking for a male and female between the ages of 20-40. Contact me at to find out more info.

Our first shoot date is August 18th and I can’t wait to get started!

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