Health and Safety

Moonrise Mandate on the Health and Safety of Cast and Crew

What do health and safety mean for our productions?

We believe that the welfare of our cast and crew is the highest priority. We put that belief into action through five main areas.

  1. The length of the workday is mandated to be no longer than 12 hours which includes a one-hour lunch. The time between the end of the day and the next day’s call time is no less than 12 hours. 
  2. Nutrition. Access to healthy food and snacks while on set including vegan/vegetarian options. Any food allergies are accommodated.
  3. Professional and respectful working conditions. No harassment of any kind will be tolerated. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence that negatively affect any of the cast or crew. 
  4. Physical safety is very serious. We take every precaution for the physical safety of cast and crew during production. If there is a question or a concern, please speak to a producer or production manager right away. If you see something, say something. We follow all Ottawa Public Health requirements for health safety inculding Covid protocols.
  5. An Intimacy Coordinator will be on set for any productions that include intimate scenes with the cast.

We are also concerned for the health of our planet. We strive to be a “green” production company. We continue to educate and research ways that we can have a lighter impact on the planet while producing our content. 


Here are some links to websites that we find helpful.

Safety for Sarah Foundation

Ontario Green Screen

Green Production Guide

Albert carbon calculator (free)

Intimacy Coordinators Canada

ACTRA Toronto Best Practices for Nudity and Intimacy

Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct

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