Louder Than Words


Louder Than Words, 10 mins (short drama)

IDMB: Louder Than Words

Completed January 2013.

Principal photography: August 18th, September 22nd and 23rd, 2012.


“Louder Than Words” is a creatively artistic film, which uses only visuals and the characters’ actions to tell the story. Powerful images and talented actors convey the emotions of falling in love and the pain of life’s unexpected challenges.

Entirely produced in Ottawa, this short film is an excellent example of the talent that exists in the Nation’s Capital Region. Two local experienced actors were cast to portray the main characters and the crew brought their skills to complete this beautiful film.

We had the opportunity to use a lot of new gear on this project, including the Sony FS700 camera, an underwater GoPro Hero3, a Kessler crane, a dolly, and more. Funding came from an IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign and private sources. You can see the campaign and video here: http://igg.me/p/170276?a=918368


  • The amazing post-production and visual effects work of Hotcakes New Media has won a Pixie Gold Award 2013 for “Louder Than Words”. Hotcakes New Media combines skill and artistry to create stunning visuals with every project.
  • We would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity in helping us with film festival entry fees: GHA Designs www.ghadesign.com,Target Drywall, and Konnec Construction.


Molly Catherine Rainville

Erik Drew Moore


Azad Abdulaziz, Evan Arthur, Martine Berthiaume, Irene Brown, Catherine Mary Clark, Sue Cowling-Schofield, Kinnexa Cross, Lee Cyr, Chantal Despatie, Veronique Fortin, Stephanie Gaunt, Emilie Harper, Elizabeth Katz, Bruce Lamesse, Jay Lavigne, Jessica Livingstone, Breanna Livingstone, Egano Mardii, Jenna Matchem, Vicki Mavraganis, Megan Milette, Marina Milette, Lasagna Chevron, Katelyn Murray, James Ness, Catherine Ouellet, Francko Edge, Shawn Rideout, Misty Shee, Craig Symington, Brian Wall, Tammy Wood


Producer      Lorelei E. Miller

Co-Producer Andy Morris

Directors of Photography Andy Morris, David Jaeggin

Props, Set and Wardrobe  Tinker Bell

On Set Photographers  Brandon Birch, Danah Aris

Make-up Artists Oneuma Lavallee, C.A. Cuthbertson

Production Assistants Brandon Birch, Azad Abdulaziz, Lee Cyr

Production Bookkeeper Lorelei E. Miller, C.P.B.

Editor Andy Morris

Original Music composed and performed by Andy Morris

Catering and Craft Services by Marie-Christine Hebert

Production Equipment and Post Production Facilities

Provided by Hotcakes New Media


Moonrise Productions is grateful for generous financial support from the following:

Neff Law Office Professional Corporation

Terry Alderson, Viviane Ayala, Jill Binder, Sonja and Jeff Black, Mark Burger and Danah Aris-Burger, Colleen Cowan, Jamie and Jolene Dione, KimAnn Hearty-Viau, Claire and Andre Hebert, Annie Jacobs, Anne and Liam Jaeggin, Diane Jauvin, John’s Hobbies, Jeff Jorgensen, Claudia Jurt, Oneuma Lavallee, Chantal Livingstone, Jadran MacLeod, Larry and Jacinthe Mask, Jamie Miller and Janice Fleischman, Claire and Andre Morris, Samantha and Justin Murray, Music Studio MC, Donna Neff, Caroline Rioux, Lisa Robertson, Alfredo Scaini, Joan Williams, Chris Wilson, Tim and Deb Wilson, Wayne Wink, and Richard Yasinski.

A very special thanks to:

The Office of Film, Television and Digital Media

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